Home Buyers Surveys

Home Buyers Surveys

Are you trying to decide between a Home Buyers Survey and a Structural Survey?




Are you deciding between a Home Buyers Survey and a Structural Survey?

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Home Buyers Surveys or Structural Surveys?

A Structural Survey is always best.

WHY? Home Buyers Surveys will tell you to seek further advice from other specialists, will not include costs for building work required nor will the Surveyor meet you at the property on the day of the survey to discuss any property issues.

Why Structural Surveys are always best

By having a structural survey you will receive a fully comprehensive report on the property that you wish to buy detailing structural issues or defects. Any anticipated costs of any building work that is required will be detailed in the structural survey, which you can use to negotiate on the purchase price.  Having a structural survey is essential saving you time and money as you don't need any expensive building costs that you wished you had known about once you have moved in.

If you are looking to buy an older house or a modern house having peace of mind with a structural survey is always best. After all a house is the most expensive purchase most people buy so why take the risk of not knowing exactly what you are buying?

7 key points why our Structural Surveys are the best money can buy


Independent Building Surveyors


Our Building Surveyors are independent that means we are not owned by a bank, building society, mortgage lender, estate agency etc.  We are 100% impartial working for you and only you.  We have your best interests at heart.


Surveyors that meet you at the property


Although many other Surveyors do not offer this there is nothing better than meeting your Surveyor at the property on the day of the structural survey.  Why?  You will be able to talk about any structural defects directly with your Surveyor and fully understand any issues.  If you are planning changing the layout or adding an extension at this meeting you will be able to chat through ways to ensure you achieve the best plan to give you the best living space.

London apartments and sky line
Bungalow and garden
modern chimney and roof


Hundreds of survey photos


Whilst carrying out a structural survey our Surveyors take literally hundreds of survey photos.  Our Surveyors use the latest digital cameras to take photos of any property defects or features and also include aerial view 360 photos of areas that are at high level.  These photos are included in our structural surveys together with detailed descriptions and sketches too so that you are fully aware of any property problems.

Pitched cut timber roof with supports
Bay no foundations
Vertical tiling and dry lining cavity walls


Unique Structural Survey Sketches


Included in all our structural surveys are unique survey sketches which we have had drawn exclusively for our surveys.  The survey sketches aid to explain property defects or features and together with detailed descriptions and photos ensure you have a full understanding of the property you are wishing to buy.


Plain English Structural Surveys


We always write our structural surveys using plain English and jargon free to ensure you fully understand any property issues or characteristics. Our Surveyors have a common sense approach to writing survey reports and where any technical terms are used a full definition is always included.


Free Example Structural Surveys


Don't buy a problem property buy a structural survey.  Our Surveyors have been carrying out structural surveys on all ages, types and styles of property for many, many years.  We will happily send you an example survey of a property similar to the one you are looking to buy.  By taking a look at our free example surveys you will be able to see how in-depth our survey reports are and the high quality of  our report format.  Free phone 0800 298 5424 for free example surveys or click on the icons above to download some examples now.

Tudor box frame 3D sketch
Victorian 3D sketch
Victorian house typical layout


3D Sketches and Floorplans


Are you planning on changing the layout of your home or adding an extension?  Then our Surveyors will  help you with 3D models and floorplans to ensure you and your builder are on the same page.  Having a 3D model will help you visualise your plans and limit the risk of costly later amendments with your building plans.  FIND OUT MORE


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