Full Structural Surveys

Having one of our Structural Surveys will prevent you from making an expensive mistake.

Period properties may look beautiful but they may have hidden problems.

Our Listed Building Surveyors will identify these hidden problems which in turn could save you time and money.

Full Structural Surveys


Our comprehensive, Structural Surveys are tailor-made to suit your needs and are crystal clear, written in plain English with many sketches and photos to help explain the problems we find.

We always include an Action Required and an Anticipated Cost in our reports which means you buy the property with your eyes wide open with no unexpected surprises. BUTTON contact

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Our unique Sketches and Photos

When you read one of our Structural Surveys example reports you will see similar sketches and photos to those shown below.  We find this is the best way of explaining the problems we often find during our Surveys.


box gutters 


wet rot


We also include 360 aerial photos to highlight problems, especially at high level

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