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Bath in Somerset is well known for its Hot Springs and Roman Baths but it's also famous for its stunning 18th Century Georgian architecture.

Designed by John Wood, the Circus is a group of 30 houses built in 1754 in a stunning circular Palladian style. Inspired by the design of the Colosseum the large Townhouses surround a central circular space. This space was originally paved but has now been made into a garden with Plane trees (commonly seen on London streets) . Why not have a read of our article on Trees and the damage they may cause to property.


Trees and Property problems article


Another stunning building is the Grade II Listed Theatre Royal, one of England's oldest Theatres built in 1805. The original Georgian frontage was rebuilt in the Victorian era after fire damage. Today the theatre hosts weekly productions and various festivals throughout the year.

Other favourite buildings and attractions of ours include Bath Abbey, Pulteney Bridge, The Assembly Rooms and the Royal Crescent.

Bath, along with Chester, York and Chichester were the first areas in England to have designated Conservation Areas from the Civic Communities Act 1967.

As a major city, Bath has all the modern facilities expected such as restaurants, bars, clubs, huge shopping areas and green open spaces and parks.