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We care about Listed Buildings

We have specialist knowledge of period properties and are passionate about them, we want to help you buy the right  property, at the  right price and to let you know about the problems and potential of the property.

Over the decades our Building and Structural Surveyors and Engineers have surveyed all eras, types and styles of Buildings and helped literally hundreds of people to make the right choice when purchasing a property.

We have specialist knowledge of Timber Framed Buildings, Tudor houses, Georgian and Victorian buildings, from cottages to Manor houses from windmills and water mills to Barn conversions of all sizes.


We treat every Building Survey and Structural Survey with great care. We understand how important your survey is to you. For helpful advice and a Free example Building Survey Free Phone  0800 298 5424.

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We think we have surveyed and given useful and helpful advice on every type of older and Listed Building.

Test us - ask us to email you a free example survey of a building similar to yours.



Are you buying a Period or Listed Building? Don't buy a Problem! Don't get caught out by unexpected costs.

A full structural survey will help you decide if the property is right for you and help to negotiate the price that's right for you

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Why you should have a Structural Survey360 roof photos

Firstly we love our work, we appreciate that surveying any Listed Building is a great privilege. heart 

Secondly our Surveys and reports are totally unique. They have been developed over many years, in fact several decades. Feedback from our clients has always been at the forefront of our minds when creating our reports. We listened to what they had to say! Our reports are easy to read in plain English with the minimal Surveyor jargon. We describe any issues or characteristics clearly with the help of high quality digital images and hundreds of our unique sketches that we had commissioned especially for our reports. We also include 360 degree photos to further define any issues with your property. 

Find out more about our 360 degree photos HERE


Read our Great Example Surveys so you can see the detail and work that goes into our full Structural Surveys

Our reports are crystal clear, written in plain English.They are also full of photos and sketches to help explain the problems we find.  



Eyes Wide Open

Do you own a Listed Property?

Are you making alterations or adding an extension to a Listed Building?

Do you need expert help and advice? 

Make sure you have your eyes wide open - read our example reports HERE

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We are Independent Building Surveyors with years and years of Listed Building Experience

Our Surveyors will give you expert, impartial advice.

We can help with all aspects of caring for a Listed Building 

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