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Do you have an old building or a Listed property?

Yes - then you may require one of the above, particularly if you are proposing any alterations or adding an extension. Our specialist Building Surveyors can provide these and can also provide you with information regarding any structural issues as well as costs for repairs:-

What is included in a Heritage Statement?

Our Heritage Statements and Impact Assessments consist of:-

Introduction, Report Format, Photographs and Location Plans

Executive Summary


Heritage Statement

Historic Background - maps, research

District and County Council's Records Consulted

Old Photographic Record

Survey to establish evidence of original fabric

Impact Assessment

Summary of the Proposals

Reasons for our recommendations


Summary Upon Reflection

Appendices with:-

Additional Research References

Summary of Scope of work and Limitations

Free Example Heritage Statements

Click on one of the images to take a look at our Heritage Statements

heritage statement example report

heritage impact statement

Report Photos and 3D sketches

Our reports contain high quality photographs throughout and we can also produce 3D sketches to assist with the understanding of the development. 


We also provide a Questionnaire for your architects/designers to complete to provide us with information with regard to their thoughts and ideas behind the proposed design and/or alteration.

Disabled Access

In addition to this you may also require a Disabled Access Scheme, which is usually produced by your architects/designers.

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